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Surf City Nightlife - Bands, Drinking, Dancing

Surf City nightlife is filled with bands, drinking for the 21+ crowd and dancing, California Surf City-style.  The weather is usually ideal so girls can show up in their outfits and not worry about the coat disappearing.

Surf City nightlife doesn't begin till well after 9 p.m. If you walk around the Main Street before then, it's sort of quiet. It's the in-between time when the daytrippers have gone home and the candy shops are getting ready to close. But just come back in an hour and it will be quite electric.

Not every bar or club can offer live music. That's even specified in the rule book. But for those who do offer live music, they are able to do it regularly, thanks to a faithful crowd that comes out to see bands perform.  Some have modified their all-live band format to include a few DJ nights for the lighter turnouts to keep the cost down and provide some variety in entertainment. Other clubs have opted for strictly DJ (no live bands) as a niche market seeks the DJ dance theme nights and will go to that one place that offers it. One such place includes very sexy girls with fine physiques in tight leotard style outfits and a club atmosphere with private rooms available for intimate groups and parties.