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Surf City Chapel - Church Worship for Surfers

Surf City Chapel, a church of worship for surfers invites surfers to bring their boards with them after an early morning water session.  Its directive that reflects the style of the those who love the sea and surfing.

Dads, moms and even wahines surf as one of their many passions.  They also like to go to church each week and share a spiritual moment with like-minded surfers.  From religious surf competitions to religious surf churches, surfing has truly become a way of life for many who live by the ocean.

Respect for nature and the ocean are part of the surfing lifestyle. Combining the natural elements and integrating them into your everyday life makes sense. For those who seek something that reflects their love of nature, passion for surfing and need to commune with like-minded souls in prayer, it's hard to believe, but they actually have a church called Surf City Chapel.