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Surf Circle/Sounds of the Sea, 2002
Sculpture and Shell Shaped Plazas
South Beach/Beach Blvd & PCH
Artist: Howard and Kathleen Meehan

Art is in the eye of the beholder and it was especially true when this public art project at a redeveloped Huntington City Beach gateway at Pacific Coast Highway and Beach Boulevard was chosen.  City Council meetings and hours of discussion over what type of art should be installed involved the public extensively. Residents attended City Council  meetings to express their opinions about a proposed project that was not chosen.  It was to include the sounds of the ocean piped through speakers and integrated in the public art. The project was a sort of Surf Henge with surfboards standing on end in a circular shape. 

What did become reality is shown above. It blends into the environment in a monotone structure of two shaped columns supporting a surfboard, laid flat on top. The work is positioned in a circular pit of sand surrounded by cement seating. Visually, the piece provides background or blending to this beach parking entryway. It does not offer striking color or graphic design. It simply matches its surroundings and seems to be chosen as least offensive among the residents' preferences for artwork.