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When we recently surveyed web visitors to a variety of websites in destination, lifestyle and leisure, we asked many questions about the Internet. Among them was the question, "What does the term "surfing" mean to you? 90 percent of the audience that came from a global mix 75 percent national (US), 15 percent international, and 10 percent specifically from California, the majority associated the term "surfing" with the Internet activity of browsing for information, visiting blogs, etc. Not surprising that since this term was adopted a decade ago (maybe longer), the public has come to recognize surfing as an activity that all can participate in. In the big picture, this means that surfing is not always thought of as a water sport in which waves are required to participate.

What surfing does seem to mean to the majority of individuals outside California especially is that surfing requires a computer. And when they think of Surf City California, the name of our web site, they think it may refer to surfing the World Wide Web.

So where is Surf City California? Could it be in your home office, your work space in a high rise building, or at your kid's school where he learns his next lesson? It seems that, indeed, this may be exactly where Surf City California is. So to put Surf City California in perspective, our rough estimate yields that over 15 million people surf in California. By our estimation, Surf City California is in every city, town and place where people surf on the WWW in California.

While the coastal population may affiliate surfing and Surf City California with the water and surfboards, the wider population looks at our site as a place they'd expect to find information of general interest about California while surfing the 'net.

Thanks to the participants who responded to the poll! We have sent out the results to all of you.