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Surf City won't pay for beach replenishment

October 2007

How much does it cost to build a beach? Too much, say local regulators who feel they got the short end of the stick in funding beach replenishment this year.

If you notice the sand disappearing at Surf City beaches, it's because the funding hasn't materialized, according to locals who paid $381,945 to dump  500,000 cubic yards of sand onto a barren beach filled with boulders and rocks during the spring 2007.  Surf City, the Long Beach Island beach, needs the help of  U.S. Congress to finish the project or its portion of it before the sand is all gone.  With no budget for the next fiscal year, borough officials are concerned that their portion of the project will be swept away with the currents.

Yet borough officials did not sign a contract for completion because the were not satisfied with the terms of the previous offer.  Passing a resolution that lists the problems with the project, the approved document lists problems such as portions of the stone jetties becoming exposed, resulting in the placement of warning signs for bathers.

The resolution lists a grievance that the borough will lose much of the beachfill it is supposed to pay for if the project is not funded and completed by the US government program that  assists in shoring up the eroded beaches with sand replenishment efforts.

Wording that would have bound the borough to future regulations not yet proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) was unfair and would not be wise to agree to in a contract, said Surf City locals.


Where is Surf City? Surf City is located on the Eastern Shore in New Jersey, just 40 miles north of Atlantic City !

New Jersey on the east coast of the US faces the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.