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California Surf City - SURFING CAPITAL - California

California Surf City is the Surfing Capital of the West Coast. It includes huge, west-facing waves on big broad, sandy beaches combed clean like the long hair of a mermaid. Located on the oceanfront with beaches where you can sunbathe, swim, sail, kiteboard, wind surf and surf, California's Surf City is a dream.

It's a place where you can catch a wave, watch a sunset and never grow old. Surf City California, the Surfing Capital of cool awaits you.

When you want to pack your bags and escape the everyday routine, you can catch that Surf City dream.

You can scour the country, travel the USA and hope to find the paradise California was once named for in a novel. California was named after a mythical place, califia.

What California offers as a  Surf City destination is 1000 miles of beach with endless surf day and nightthousands of waves, billions of grains of sand and the many dreams encapsulated in the feeling that you can capture life's moments for eternity.

California Surf City, the Surfing Capital, is illusive. You travel the coast for days and weeks, hoping to find that endless wave that symbolizes this Surf City place you seek.  The reality is that you cannot hang onto the surf. It can be part of your life but isn't yours to keep. It's a capital, a Mecca for dreamers, perhaps.