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Surfing USA - is California the Surfing Capital?


Surfing USA is not a place but a state of mind, so they say. When you're in the surfing mode, everything's going just right; you're totally stoked and can't get enough of the waves.

Californians love the surfing lifestyle and fine weather afforded residents all year long. But sometimes Florida or Hawaii are where the waves are really the best.  Let's not fool ourselves about surfing on the mainland. The crowds may be massive but if the waves aren't right for surfing, it's just a big party, not really a surfing gig.

The capital of surfing in California is where you want it.

Surfing is about waking up in the morning, going to the beach and catching some surf.  When you visit California, most the waves are going to be fine for learning, except in areas such as Long Beach where there are ports but not many waves.

If you come to California searching for waves, pick up the board, enter the water and take a ride.