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Surf City California Surfing USA

Surf City California  is a huge industry with lots of money tied into productions of surfboards, wetsuits, body boards, lessons, competitions, magazines, prediction services, water quality reports, wave reports and the Surfing USA vibe.

Enjoy the coastal destinations that offer surfing vacations for the moms, dads and kids. In the USA you can find quality surfing on both coasts, east and west.  The premier surfing is found in Hawaii, of course, but isn't necessarily for novice surfers. Hawaii does indeed offer one of the most popular family vacations with a surfing theme.

If you are just getting started, the waves and conditions for surfing in California or Florida are some of the best.

The USA has some fantastic surfers who often win international competitions. But Brazil and South America, Australia and many island locations are not to be ignored for the quality of competitive surfers that come from their shores.

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